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Story-Driven Data

Wrap your naked data in a warm blanket of emotion

About This Course:

It’s a familiar scene. You are only 10 minutes into your data-driven presentation and the mental fatigue has set in with your audience. Data is often vital to a presentation’s success, yet our brains are not wired to remember or emotionally engage after listening to it.

Wrapping your naked data in a warm blanket of emotion helps your audience see and feel your numbers, concepts, and technologies. Built on brain science, the Story-Driven Data course creates powerful shifts in the way you communicate internally with leaders and teams, and externally with clients and partners. You will shift from gaining no traction in presentations to inspiring a yes from even the toughest audience.

In this course, you will learn:

Brain Science

Overcome video conference fatigue and inspire people to action.

7 Tools

Bring your data to life and increase buy-in with story-driven tools.


Simplify complex
products into story-driven

Case Studies

Be inspired by real-world business examples.

Quick Wins

Harness the power of story even when you only have a few minutes.

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