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A Story-Driven

Training sellers and brand builders
to be influential storytellers

Who is Feed The Elephant?

We are an enterprise-ready online training solution for groups and teams. For over a decade, we have worked closely with L&D teams and sales leaders to train thousands of people across the globe. Our clients are many of the world’s most admired brands including Google, Nike, and Adobe.

To get to “yes,” you have to Feed the Elephant.

Our Story-Driven methodology teaches people how to light up the system in the mind responsible for 95% of decision making—the emotional elephant.

Feed The Elephant Courses

Learn a powerful new way to communicate and stand out in a changing work environment.

Story-Driven Data

Wrap your naked data in a warm
blanket of emotion

Price: $399/person

Greenlight Stories

Learn the #1 action-inspiring
story pattern

Price: $399/person

The Big Idea


Focus your presentation around
one powerful insight

Price: $399/person

Perception Shifting


Shift negative perceptions
in minutes

Price: $399/person

The ROI on these courses is too high to calculate.

Michael Mothner
Founder & CEO, WPromote

Our Training Experience

Participants absorb a new storytelling skill in two supercharged hours and see it come to life through business examples, demonstration, and personal application.

Learn A New Skill Fast

Absorb a new skill through story-driven modules, interactive activities, and inspiring examples.

Apply It To Your Work

Teams test-drive new skills using Story-Building Tools.

Lock It In

Our robust Course Guide and Story-Building Tools make the learning stick.

Our courses are 100% engineered to increase effectiveness in video conference meetings and presentations.

Our Secret Sauce

Participants continue to use our one-of-a-kind Story-Building Tools for years.

Course Guide

Each course comes with a robust Course Guide containing course notes, written activities, team assignments and additional resources.


Stand-alone “tools” provide a constant reminder of the most important learnings from the course at a glance.

Let’s Get Started

To teach your team how to Feed the Elephant—reach out to us today!