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Greenlight Stories

Learn the #1 action-inspiring story pattern

About This Course:

Research indicates that not all stories are created equal. A Greenlight Story outperforms all the rest by creating a strong emotional connection with your audience. It inspires people to change their minds, open their wallets, and take action on your ideas.

Although they can be told in many ways, Greenlight Stories emphasize the power of transformation by highlighting a change of condition – from rags to riches, from underdog to inspiring leader, from garage start-up to Fortune 500 brand. The critical element in a Greenlight Story is a dramatic change in circumstance.

This course equips you with a practical, user-friendly story-building tool that quickly transforms vague examples into captivating narratives that ignite the brain.

In this course, you will learn how to:

Inspire “YES”

Vaporize objections, get the meeting on the calendar and close the deal.

Build Stories

Build your success stories into narratives our brain pays attention to.


Distill your Greenlight story into a short paragraph and powerful headline.


Re-energize meetings that are going sideways and clients that have cooled-off.


Transform vague examples into engaging three-minute narratives.

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