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The Big Idea

Focus your presentation around one powerful insight


About This Course:

The best communicators quickly focus their audience on the one thing they want people to remember—their big idea. This single powerful insight is the driving message behind a conversation, presentation, or deck, and the core thought you want decision makers to take action on. Knowing your big idea can help eliminate tiresome, wandering presentations filled with unnecessary background information and too much data.

Figuring out your big idea can be challenging and time consuming. Our exclusive tool, The Big Idea Builder, helps you identify your main point in minutes. Once you know it, you can architect your communication around this one powerful insight. Our ten opening story formats help transform your big idea into a short opening story that nails your point and captivates your audience.

In this course, you will learn how to:


Quickly find your big idea and build your presentation around it.


Architect your presentations around one powerful insight.


Inspire action on your ideas.


Reduce clutter and make your content memorable.


Bring your idea to life with an opening story.

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