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Perception Shifting

Shift negative perceptions in minutes


About This Course:

People tend to believe that they make decisions based on logic and facts, but in reality metaphors quickly sway them. Research shows that metaphors are quietly and powerfully at work in our subconscious—shaping beliefs, changing minds, and inspiring people to take new actions.

Metaphors are your secret weapon when trying to influence people to think about your idea in a specific way. They can also help you flip a false, negative, or limited perception about your product, brand, or team.

This course teaches an advanced skill that is hugely practical. You will learn techniques for overcoming a bias against your products and offering. You will also learn practical strategies for shifting how your ideas are seen and responded to. This course is especially valuable for teams whose roles and value are not understood within a large company.

In this course, you will learn how to:

Create On-Demand

Build perception-shifting metaphors using a 20-minute process.

Change Minds

Inspire people to think new thoughts and take new actions.


Move people beyond false, negative, or limited beliefs.


Transform how people think about your offering.

Be Memorable

Create clear, compelling, and repeatable content.

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